Leg No. 2: from San Benedetto Po to Guastalla (34.7 km)

This is the longest leg of the entire Via Matildica, but the path is completely flat. It starts in San Benedetto Po and follows the cycle route along the Po to Guastalla.

Leg description

This is the longest leg of the entire Via Matildica, but the path is completely flat.

Leave San Benedetto following, just outside the town, the straight stretch that leads to the small embankment (not the main one where the provincial road passes) where you can follow the cycle/pedestrian/nature trail to Portiolo. Here, you can re-join the main embankment and the paved road, passing alongside the villages of Villa Saviola and Motteggiana. Two kilometres after passing under the road bridge over the Po, at Zaragnino, leave the embankment of the Po in the direction of Tabellano, along a small country road. Once you reach Tabellano, go back up the main embankment in the direction of Luzzara.

Once you have reached Luzzara (where you will also find the railway station with the line that takes you to Guastalla) you are just a few kilometres away from the day’s destination, Guastalla, once the small capital of a duchy under the Gonzaga family.

Given the length of this leg, you might want to split the route into two sections, spending the night in the areas of Suzzara and Luzzara. There are a number of agritourism establishments near the route of the Via Matildica that may be a good option.

Useful information

Rest areas (water and food): this is a very long leg that runs for several stretches through open countryside. It is therefore a good idea to stock up on water, especially if you plan to tackle the route on a hot summer’s day. However, there is no lack of villages and towns along the route where you can buy supplies, such as at Portiolo, Villa Saviola, Motteggiana, Tabellano and Luzzara.

Access to public transport: easy access to public transport along the entire route. There are several public transport stops (to and from Mantua) in Portiolo, Villa Saviola, Motteggiana, Tabellano and Luzzara.

San Benedetto Po is connected to Suzzara (and if you change there) to Luzzara and Guastalla by the railway line.

In Guastalla there is also a railway line connecting with Reggio Emilia.

Pharmacies: there are pharmacies in Portiolo, Motteggiana, Luzzara.

Where stay

Guastalla offers various accommodation facilities.

  • Agriturismo Antica Golena – via bosco 3 – tel. 0522.835384 – website
  • Locanda dei Pontieri – viale Po 11 – tel. 0522.824588 o 338.2982601 – website
  • La Locanda della Porta – via Piave 4 – Tel. 346.6113006 – website
  • Locanda Argine della Cerchia – corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 25 – tel. 340.7465745 – website
  • B&B Porta Po – via Bacchiavini 11- tel. 0522.824376 – website
  • Apartment Chez Moiwebsite
  • L’Ulma e l’Opi – via Sacco e Vanzetti 5/1 – tel. 0522.822008 – website
  • B&B Rossorubino – via Concordia 13 – tel. 0522.824818 – 327.7987803 – website
  • Albergo Old River – viale Po 2 – tel. 0522.838401
Given the length of the leg, it is possible to find accommodation facilities a few kilometers earlier:
  • B&B La Casa delle Allodole – via Enzo Dalai 19 Luzzara – tel. 347.3112037 – website
  • B&B La Spingarda – via Enzo Dalai 19 Luzzara – tel. 345.4142110 – website
  • Casa Marconi 22 – via Guglielmo Marconi 22 Luzzara – tel. 339.7245502
  • Residence il Ciliegio – via Villa Superiore 93 – tel. 324.9965474 – website
  • Agriturismo Corte Giardino – via Tomba 9 Luzzara – Tel: 0522.223373 – website (also available for tent place)

Along the route of the leg, near or right on the way, it is possible to find some structures such as:

  • Corte Margherita at Villa Saviola.
  • Agriturismo Corte Fabbrica at Torricella di Motteggiana.
  • B&B Savoia ad Arginotto di Suzzara
  • Agriturismo Loghino Sabbioni at Riva di Suzzara.

Also in Suzzara, a center about 5 kilometers away from the route, it is possible to find some structures:

  • Albergo da Battista
  • Zara Rooms and Suites

What to visit

In Guastalla:

Along the way:

  • San Colombano Park