Leg No. 4B: Reggio Emilia – Montalto (Alternative Route – 21.7 km)

From Reggio to Vezzano and from here to the EcoPark, instead of heading west towards the castle of Canossa, you can head south to reach the plateau of Montalto.

Leg description

From the southern part of the city of Reggio Emilia, in the San Pellegrino district, cross the Crostolo bridge over the stream and then turn left onto the cycle/pedestrian path that climbs southwards alongside the stream.

Continue along this easy route, passing the villages of Rivalta (with the palace, in Italian called Reggia, and its park) and Villa d’Este – Vasca di Corbelli.

You’ll then pass Puianello, a hamlet in the Matildic municipality of Quattro Castella, to arrive after a few kilometres at Vezzano sul Crostolo.

Walk alongside the entire village until you reach the EcoPark, where you’ll cross the Crostolo stream twice within a few hundred metres. The first time on a wooden bridge, the second on a concrete bridge.

At this point, you’ll have to cross State Road 63 (Statale 63) near the large parking area of the EcoPark, paying close attention to vehicular traffic.

So far the route coincides with leg no. 4 of the Via Matildica, which leads from Reggio Emilia to the Castle of Canossa.

Now, instead of taking the path that goes towards Monte Grafagnana, cross the EcoPark, enjoying the shade of the trees, and shortly afterwards you’ll reach the locality of Casoletta. From here, take the old paved stretch of State Road 63 (Statale 63) until you come to the hamlet of La Vecchia, where you can cross back over the Crostolo stream, taking care on the state road (Statale 63) and then over another bridge.

PrContinuing on, gradually climb towards La Vecchia and the local cemetery area, where you can take Via Ca de’ Cesari on the left to continue through Case Caprari and Scarzola, until you reach Montalto-Casaratta, the final destination of this leg.

Useful information

Rest areas (water and food): the first part of the trail from Reggio to Vezzano has numerous rest areas in the localities of Rivalta, Puianello and Vezzano.

Here, in the sports area just a stone’s throw from the route, you’ll also find public water distributor or casetta dell’acqua, equipped with taps supplying still, sparkling and refrigerated fresh water.

In La Vecchia, near the stage finish, it is easy to stock up on supplies in shops and bars.

Public transport access: the route runs parallel to State Road 63 (Statale 63), an important communication route towards the Reggio Emilia Apennines. You can find public transport stops in Rivalta, Puianello, Vezzano, La Vecchia and Montalto (less frequent runs here).

Pharmacies: they are present in the localities of Rivalta, Puianello, Vezzano, La Vecchia.

Where stay

The accommodation options closest to the leg arrival in Montalto are represented by some small but welcoming structures.

Hostaria Venturi a Montalto in via Lolli 31 – tel: 0522 600157 – email: hostariaventuri@legalmail.it (affittacamere)

Parco Matildico a Montalto in via Lolli 45 – tel: 0522 85843 – e-mail: info@parcomatildico.com (villaggio turistico)

La Quercia, maison des arts – via Villa Monchio 17 tra La Vecchia e Montalto – tel. 0522 1542789 – 339 3696185 – e-mail: info@laquercia.re.it (B&B)

What to visit

Along the Way: