Leg No. 10: from Barga to Borgo a Mozzano (18 km)

The route continues into the heart of Garfagnana from Barga and its Duomo, passing the Pieve di Loppia, the ancient Solco route, the village of Ghivizzano and on to Borgo a Mozzano and the famous Devil’s Bridge over the Serchio River.

Leg description

From the centre of Barga, in the Duomo area, head towards Porta Macchiaia. Take the narrow Via dell’Acquedotto and keep to the right at the Fornacetta church. Continue along the same road until you reach the crossroads with the road that, on the right, ascends slightly and, at an altitude with a breath-taking view, leads to the locality of Buvicchia. Continue on paved road until you reach the last houses. At the end of the paved road, a path begins on the right that descends rather steeply (take care on very wet ground) and leads to the small ford of the Loppora stream. Here a dirt road through the woods provides an easy route to the thousand-year-old Pieve di Loppia.

Near the Pieve, on the left, cross the ancient stone bridge that leads to Filecchio on the historic “Solco” track, where you will also find an old washhouse. You’ll reach the centre of the small village of Filecchio and then head towards Ponte all’Ania along small country roads.

Shortly after crossing Ponte all’Ania, on the left you’ll find the footpath that ascends briefly but steeply towards Piano di Coreglia, coming first to the church of San Lorenzo. Continue straight ahead in the direction of Ghivizzano, which remains on a clearly visible upland, with its historic centre and tower.

From Ghivizzano, head downhill towards the crossing of the Serchio river on the road bridge. Be aware of vehicular traffic. Just after the bridge, turn right and, about 100 m further on, cross the road (be careful!) following the signs for the dirt road that goes up on the left.

Here is where your last efforts of the day begin, with a demanding ascent but on an easy and wide path. Once at the top, a scenic descent to the locality of Rocca awaits you. From here it is all downhill towards Borgo a Mozzano between paved and dirt road.

Useful information

Rest areas (water and food): this leg runs through densely built-up territory and you will find plenty of opportunities for shopping and refreshment along the entire route.

Access to public transport: apart from the initial stretch to Gallicano, the entire route has easy access to public transport to and from Lucca.

Pharmacies: there are pharmacies in Gallicano, Mologno, Barga, Ghivizzano and Borgo a Mozzano.

Where stay

In the place of arrival in Borgo a Mozzano we find a good offer for different types of hospitality.

There are some holiday homes in the Borgo a Mozzano area:

Some farmhouses:

What see

In Borgo a Mozzano:

  • Maddalena’s bridge known as “del Diavolo”
  • Convent of San Francesco

Along the way:

  • Church of Loppia
  • Ghivizzano
  • “Rocca” above Borgo a Mozzano